Best Places to Visit in Goa in 2018

The most popular beach destination in India is Goa. It is especially known for its golden white sand beaches. It is also known to be the best place for partying. There are several places to visit in Goa, out of which we have sorted the best places to visit in Goa in 2018 only for you.

Goa is geographically divided into two parts like North Goa and South Goa. The Goa is full of cliffs and forests with water kissing shores. Goa beaches are one of its kinds in India. These beaches are very neat and clean and they are very popular with the western tourists.

Besides beaches, there are various worthy places which are to be surely visited. Let’s have a look at it:

Baga Beach


Baga beach

In beaches list of Goa, Baga comes first. It is the most happening beach in Goa. The beach itself and the area around the beaches are always crowded with tourists. There are always some exciting activities are going on. In morning, here you will get a chance to soak in the sun. Here you will also get the company of tourist coming from different corners of the world. This beach is located in North Goa.

  • This is also the place for adventurous water sports like skiing, banana ride, Para sailing, and boating.
  • For lunch and dining, there are various restaurants populated on the beach. For casual food also there are various places available near the beach which would satisfy your appetite.
  • It is in the night that the beach really comes alive. You can find many options for partying all night.
  • Kandy club and Tito’s are the famous clubs on the Baga beach.

Calangute Beach


Calangute Beach

It is the largest beach in Goa. It is also famous as the ‘Queen of Beaches’. It is coming on the list of top 10 beaches of the world. This is the beach you have to visit when you are in Goa. It is so much big and full of activities that it can fill your heart in the entire trip. The beach itself is a great attraction for tourists.

  • This beach is very famous among children and youngsters for playing in sands. Not only that the adults would enjoy the waves of water by simply lying on the beach.
  • You can also enjoy many water sports on this beach like kayaking, wind-surfing, sailing, Snorkeling, and skiing. You can also enjoy fishing on this beach, which is itself a very rare activity you can find on any beach in the world.
  • The Baga beach and Calangute beach are separated by few rocks. Else there is not a much distance between the two famous beaches. You can also enjoy the great food at the nearby beach restaurants.
  • The famous restaurants near the beach are Pousada, Zuperb, and Reverie etc.
  • There are also many sightseeing options are available near Calangute like Morjim Beach, water pond of Arambol, Morjim Beach, Mapusa Market, Aguada Lighthouse etc.
  • At night this beach becomes a party hub. You can choose to live here on your trip to Goa as this place is located nearby to most of the tourist spot in Goa.

Palolem Beach


Palolem Beach Goa

Palolem is the most beautiful beach in Goa. In recent year it is got commercialize by the government by allowing the huts and hawkers on the beach. It is the most popular beaches in South Goa.

  • The water is very peaceful which make this beach an attractive choice for tourists.
  • The water is very calm in the sea and you can walk almost 100m in the sea very easily. You can do many things on the beach and in the locality surrounding it.
  • There are also early morning Yoga classes going to the beach. This place is also famous for dancing on the silent noise disco.
  • You just have to put the headphones which would be provided by the club in the early morning.
  • There is no disturbance from the police either on the beach. No need to worry a bit about the interruption due to noise.
  • Besides Yoga, if you are looking for an Ayurveda massage then opt for it here for sure. It would be a truly relaxing experience.
  • If you want to make a good day trip, then include Monkey Island and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary on your list while visiting Palolem beach.
  • The famous water sports on this beach are scuba diving, self-paddle kayaking, canyoning, dolphin watching etc.
  • Olive Room, Café inn, Havana Cuba are some of the famous beachside restaurants surrounding the beach.

Bom Jesus Basilica


Basilica in Old Goa
Basilica in Old Goa

It is known to be the landmark place for Catholics. This church is built in the year 1605 and the in-corrupt body of St Francis was kept in glass mausoleum from year 1622. The body is the popular attraction among the tourists.

  • There is also a gallery for modern art in the church.
  • The building is made up of baroque architecture
  • December is the month to visit this place during Christmas
  • It is located in old Goa

Casino on Cruise


Casino on Cruise

If you want to indulge and experience the Vegas-style casino in Goa, the cruise casino is the thing you are looking for. The casino is built upon the river of Goa. The ship contains posh furniture’s and you will get an amazing view of inside and outside of the room.

  • The casino is open 24 hours a day but the best time when it comes alive is from 9 pm to 3 pm at night.
  • This is very similar to the clubs but here you will find the casino games with the low music running behind instead of the DJ set up.
  • There is also a very good dining options are available with a variety of options for drinks.
  • The visitors are allowed to stay on cruise for 12 hours continuously
  • Some luckier people are also coming out with a good amount of money
  • If you are planning to take your children with you then there are playrooms also made for them
  • The tickets are of course somewhat expensive but it is inclusive of food and drinks
  • There are also the dance rooms and ballrooms for your entertainment
  • If you are planning a honeymoon in Goa, then this is the best place for you
  • The casino cruise service in Goa is provided by Deltin Royale, Casino Royale, Casino Pride, Casino Carnival etc.

Fort Aguada


Fort Aguada

It is the heritage site of Portuguese. It was built in the year 1612 on the beach of Arabian Sea. It was built for defending the Dutch and the Maratha army.

  • It was very grand fort which can host around 79 cannons and different weapons for war. It is one of the costliest constructions of Portuguese. Today it has become the famous landmark of the Goa.
  • In fort there is also a lighthouse which was built in 1864. It is known to be the oldest lighthouse in India. Its shape and size are unique in itself.
  • During your visit, to Candolim and Sinquerium beach don’t forget to explore this beautiful fort
  • You will find the architecture which is inspired by Portuguese
  • You can get a very lovely view of the sea and it is also known to be the best place in Goa for sunset
  • Afternoon is the best time to visit this fort
  • In evening head to the nearest beach and that would be a perfect tour for you

Colva Beach


Colva Beach

Colva beach is the longest beach with white sand which is stretching till 25 km. This white sand on the Colva beach which contains salty layer is the most famous among visitor.

  • This beach has maintained its ambiance by having a perfect combination of commercial and the quiet places.
  • There are dozens of food stalls available on the beach. You can easily get various drinks on the beach.
  • Pubs and Clubs like Gatsby, Margarita are the perfect choice for parties.
  • Nightlife is not that much high on Colva beach compare to north Goa, but you can try out this when you are here.
  • Sight-seeing includes Our lady of mercy church and Margoa’s market which are very nearby to the beach
  • Famous Water sports you can enjoy on this beach are paragliding, jet skis, parasailing, banana ride, dolphin sighting etc.
  • Mish Mar, Martins, Garden Restaurants, Sandpat, Leda are the restaurants which you can try out.

Tito’s Street


Tito’s Street

Besides the beaches, Goa is also best known as the party hub of India. There are many clubs which are scattered around the Goa.

  • Tito’s street is the best club among all. Tito’s is always crowded with the tourists and it is the most attracting club in Goa.
  • It is providing the best service and is located at a very prime place in Goa.
  • It is located on the Baga beach which is also the most partied beach in Goa.
  • So after sunset you will find a huge crowd of tourist at Tito’s
  • The drinks and food are slightly overpriced as compared to other clubs in Goa.
  • This club is divided into two part, upper and lower deck
  • There is dance floor at the lower level in the club where the couples and groups of friends can enjoy
  • While in the upper level sitting arrangement is created where you can simply have your drink and food and enjoy the activities happening at the lower level of club
  • Famous DJ’s are always participating in the clubs
  • The entry in the club is happening by the vouchers which are starting from 1000 rupees.
  • They have the best security which is very important for maintaining safe environment in the club
  • Tito’s street is available at your service in all the seasons of the year. It is not a bit affected whether it is a tourist season or an offseason.
  • In this club, you will always find the fresh cocktails which are very famous among locals too
  • It is no doubt to be best place for value to your money and time

Vagator Beach


Vagator Beach

It is located in the neighborhood of Anjuna beach where you can find most of the hippy people. This beach is very famous with western tourists.  You will find beach is fully surrounded by red cliffs which makes it very beautiful in the sunset. For some reasons, it has been divided into two parts little Vagator and small Vagator. It is very delightful among tourists and hippies to consider this as a heaven. It is considered to be the best picnic spot and when the water is safe you can enjoy swimming. After baga, this is the second beach for night party.

If you are enthusiastic and interested in the trance music then go to disco valley which is a very famous club for trance. Besides this there are plenty of another club like a hilltop, nine bar and prime rose. Rave parties are mostly organized in hilltop. No trip is completed without shopping. Wednesday flea market is the best place for shopping at Vagator. If you are with friends and are looking for an accommodation near to the beach then there is various hostels options are available. As it is developed keeping the western tourists in mind so cleanliness standards are maintained. Thallasa, Antares, go with the flow, salt, and pepper and bean me up are some of the famous nearby restaurants.

The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception


The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

This church is constructed from the chapel in 1619. It is the most spiritual places in the city of Goa. Many devotees around the globe come and take the blessings from this lovely church. In past, many revisions have been done in and outside of the church but the main building of the church was maintained as it is. This church is a well-known landmark of Goa for many centuries.


The most popular time to visit Goa is from November to April. Most of the part of Goa is influenced by Portuguese. The ambience of the place is really mesmerizing. You will find the Portuguese architecture in various places in Goa. In Goan culture, you will mostly found the glimpse from Portuguese tradition. Goa is a place worth seeing. Don’t wait just plan and start packing your bags.

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